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    Beihai Park - Park North Lake

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    Beihai Park one of the oldest parks in Beijing It is located in the city center and occupies 68 hectares Almost half of the area of ​​the park it Beihai Lake No wonder this park is also called the North Lake Conventionally Beihai Park can be divided... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Jingshan Park (Mountain Landscape)

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    Jingshan Park (or Park Landscape Mountain) in Beijing artificial hill about 45 meters and an area of ​​over 230 square meters Is now a public park First the park was the imperial garden which was built in the Ming Dynasty The park consists of five... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Church Xishiku

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    Church Xishiku also known as the Church of the Redeemer is considered a historical relic of China Of all the Catholic churches and cathedrals located in Beijing the church is the most abundant Xishiku ўprygozhanay The original church was built by... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Imperial Hall of Excellence

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    Hall of Imperial benefits Hall and Museum where he lived emperor during the Ming Dynasty Here in this period took place many important ceremonies and festivals Also this room was the residence of the imperial concubines in the Qing Dynasty A sign on... attractions, Cultural objects

    Guo Moruo Memorial Hall

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    Guo Moruo Memorial Hall a hall in the former residence of the great Chinese scholar writer and poet the first president of the Academy of Sciences of the People's Republic of Guo Moruo The residence is located near Lake Shicha Guo Moruo settled in... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Complex of temples and Songzhu Zhizhu

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    Temples and Songzhu Zhizhu constitute a set of three temples already destroyed Fayuan middle and western temple Songzhu Zhizhu Shrines are of great historical and cultural importance in the country Songzhu temple built during the reign of Emperor... attractions, Cultural objects

    Jinshan Mountain Ping

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    Jinshan Mountain Ping the hills with panoramic views of Beijing created exclusively handmade Jinshan Mountain is located in the center of the park of the same name From the mountain overlooking the Beijing Jinshan translated means Hill of beautiful... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Neighborhood "Round City"

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    Neighborhood Round City a small old neighborhood built on an island in Lake Taiye during the Jin Dynasty The area is surrounded by a circular perimeter fence On its territory there are several halls and pavilions surrounded by ancient trees The main... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Imperial Garden

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    Imperial Garden also known as Yuyhuayuan one of the three gardens in the Forbidden City the vast palace complex in the world which is located in Beijing The garden is one of the most popular places in this architectural complex The total area of... attractions, Natural Attractions


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