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    Attractions → Lijiang Shi

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    Manor Mongol governor Mu in Lijiang

    The city is famous Lіtszyan Cabin The Mansion Mufu where they lived and worked kind of leaders the so called tusy (Mongolian governors) who was called Mu It is known that the estate was built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 1368) but a more precise... attractions, Cultural objects

    Park "Black Dragon Pond"

    Park Black Dragon Pond is located in the north Lіtszyan Why is it so called can be understood by looking at the water park central pond Transparent source of dark color give the algae that grow in depth Special offers scenic parks Snow Mountain Jade... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Culture Museum Dongba symbols

    In Yunnan Province have traditionally lived descendants of the ancient Naxi nationality Over a long period of development of the representatives of this nation have created a rich culture Dongbei which is reflected not only in rituals and sacrifices... attractions, Cultural objects

    Lijiang Sanyi Airport

    • /en/page/aeroport-litszyan-sani
    • Qihe
    Airport Lіtszyan Shenzhen is located 25 kilometers from the city center Lіtszyan located in the province of Yunnan Airport running public companies Yunnan Airport Group V list of the International Air Transport Association  (IATA) airport... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Yufeng Monastery

    16 km north of Lijiang at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Yufeng Monastery is located The monastery is one of five Lamaist monasteries Lіtszyan picturesque valley surrounded by forests and rivers It was built during the reign of Emperor... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Snow Mountain in Lijiang Yuylunshan

    • /en/page/snezhnaya-gora-yujlunshan- ...
    • Longpan
    Natural Attractions Lijiang the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere The mountain has 13 peaks stretching 35 kilometers tops them all year round covered with snow The Chinese say about her The mountain has just four seasons here every... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Tiger Leaping Gorge Hutyaoschya

    • /en/page/ushchele-prygayushchego-ti ...
    • Xiaqiaotou
    Canyon in September Tibetan mountains along the Yangtze River which is in the area known as the River of Golden Sands One of the deepest canyons in the world and its length is about 15 kilometers The gorge is especially appreciated by lovers of... attractions, Natural Attractions
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