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    Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

    • Donghu, China
    • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport$$
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      Guangzhou Baiyun Airport - one of the largest international airports in China, which serves more than thirty million passengers annually. The airport is located 28 kilometers from the city of Guangzhou.

      "Baiyun" in Russian means "white cloud". Such a poetic name from the name of the airport received the mountains nearby. Also in this airport is called "New Baiyun". Despite the international status, Guangzhou Baiyun more degree specializing in domestic flights and cargo on the territory of China.

      To date, the Guangzhou Baiyun - one of the most congested airports China. It was built in 2004 to replace the old airport, which bore the same name. However, despite the huge terminal and two runways Guangzhou Baiyun almost immediately faced with a huge influx of passengers. In the future, plans to expand the airport and the construction of an additional lane.

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