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    Shashi Airport

    • Sanbanqiao, China
    • Shashi Airport$$
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      Airport Highway is located in the suburbs of the Chinese city of the same name, located in the province of Hubei. The list of airports of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Airport Highway is listed under the code ZHSS, and in the International Association of Air Transport Association (IATA) was assigned the code SHS.

      Airport Highway, this regional airport, built with the use of modern technologies and materials. Runway with a concrete coating is equipped with night landing allows clock operation of the airport. 

      City Highway, in which the airport is located, attracts tourists with its historical and archeological monuments of the Three Kings, located in the suburbs Dzinzhou. Also, the city is often visited by heads and specialists of metallurgical and chemical industries, due to the industries located here.

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