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    Ethnic Village Li and Miao nationalities

    • Yinggen, China
    • Ethnic Village Li and Miao nationalities$$
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      Ethnic village on the island of Hainan is devoted to two folk who lived in these parts before the Chinese arrived here - Li and Miao.

      Li nationality mainly lived in the valley of the island. In the village you can look at their traditional home, enjoy their national costumes, as well as try their national dish - rice cooked in bamboo. One of the features of this national people have a love for tattoos.

      Miao first lived in the mountains, and then moved to the island. In ancient times they were known wars, their culture is distinctive and unique. And in the village, you can learn the ancient technique of unarmed combat.

      But of particular interest is how the two cultures intertwined together and created something new. In the village you can see the wedding ceremony and celebration coconut.

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