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    Tiger Hill

    • Sunjiaqiao, China
    • Tiger Hill$$
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      Tiger Hill is bred in the north-western part of Suzhou. The height of the hill 36 meters, the area takes no more than 14 000 m2. First artificial mound was a park where relax and have fun king of Dynasty V. Three days after his death and burial, vote legend at the tomb of the king of the white tiger appeared and began to protect the peace of the deceased.

      Today, on this hill, you can see a few surviving buildings. Should pay attention to the incident pagoda Yunyane: octagonal building with seven tiers, painted red and white pіvonyamі. Like the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, under Yunyane slight slope - "fall" began with 1644.

      Interesting legend associated with the lake Ball - It is believed that it buried a huge collection of weapons of the same dynasty ruler B. The park can be seen
      Waves Lastovtsy Hall, Hall of Contemplation tops and cypresses, Hall thick cloud. Beautiful park ensemble Tiger Hill, which consists of artificial hills and trees.

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