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    Temple of Heaven

    • Chongwen Qu, China
    • Temple of Heaven$$
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      In the southern part of Beijing is the Temple of Heaven (Tiantan). He is known primarily for non-traditional Chinese temples circular shape. The Temple of Heaven is included in the temple complex "Park of the Temple of Heaven," which is considered one of the large temple-monasteries countries. It was built during the Ming Dynasty Emperor Yong Le in 1420

      At the entrance to the park you can see the huge altar on which everyone can stand. From the altar in the northern part of the complex is a 30-meter-wide road. In this part of the park and is the Temple of Heaven - it is called the Temple of Prayer about harvest. The round shape of structures according to Chinese tradition symbolizes the sky.

      This year the winter solstice arrived Emperor - pray Heaven a rich harvest and leave generous gifts.

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