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    Temple Ruiyun

    • Liedongcun, China
    • Temple Ruiyun$$
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      Ruiyun temple located on the namesake mountain near the city of Xiamen, Fuyyan Province, China. This temple is located in a mountain cave, it was created in honor of the Buddha. The fact that the mountain Ruiyun was formed back in the Cretaceous period as a result of volcanic eruptions. Streams of molten lava formed on its slopes bizarre figures, one of which very clearly outlines Will recalls.

      In honor of this figure (probably China's largest Buddha statue of natural origin), more than a thousand years ago, the temple was established. It is situated in one of the caves, half formed naturally and improved human hand. The whole landscape around the temple and the mountains Ruiyun impresses with its grandeur - carefree valleys, high pinnacles of volcanic origin, lava flows, beautiful nature.

      To date, the temple Ruiyun takes under its arches, representatives of the two religions - Buddhism and daooskoy, and by the way they are applied without any conflicts. Tourists can visit the temple as part of Ruiyun tours, which guide will tell you an interesting history of its origin. A touch of a Buddha statue from volcanic rock is considered the biggest success.

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