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    Summer Palace

    • Haidian, China
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      On the northwestern outskirts of Beijing is one of the largest parks in China - Summer Palace, suburban imperial residence. Construction of the park began under the Qing Emperor Qianlong in 1750.

      The park is a few areas - the eastern gates of the palace complex is located close to the lake rises Mount longevity, which is the tallest building - tower tower Fosyange - voskurivaniya Tower in honor of Buddha. Area of ​​the park is a maze of canals, artificial lakes and islands. There are many pavilions, the palace buildings, broken numerous alleys. Along the lake to Mount Longevity is a strange painted gallery - it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records Guinness as "the world's longest painted corridor" - 728 meters.

      Unfortunately, not all architectural structures have survived, but even covered with greenery ruins look very picturesque. In 1998, the beautiful Summer Palace was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park is considered a masterpiece Chinese landscape design.

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