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    Chode Monastery Pelkhor

    • Dara, China
    • Chode Monastery Pelkhor$$
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      Pelkor Chode - the spiritual center of Gyantse, amazingly loyal monastery. Stuffed over the gate of the monastery symbolize mounts on which the gods come here to work.

      Business Card Gyantse - Kumbum stupa multicolor ("thousand". 1000 images of Buddhas, gods and bodhіsattvy) height of 32 m. A typical Nepalese stupa, which symbolizes the worship of mainly primary element of the universe: Earth-Water-Air-Fire-Ether. There are five floors, many rooms, statues and altars, which stand in silence and darkness beautiful statues bud, tar and defenders, room walls are inscribed with beautiful frescoes. The stupa is topped with a gold finial. It rises like a crown over the four images of eyes that look in all four directions.
      Here you can make a wish. Say, necessarily come to pass.

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