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    Dinosaur Museum

    • Dashanpu, China
    • Dinosaur Museum$$
    • +86 0813-580-1235
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      The largest museum of this kind in the Northeast Asia. Is located 9 kilometers from the town of Zigong (Sichuan), in the area Dashanpu. This is one of the world's largest dinosaur finds places.

      Today the museum, which opened in 1987, is a large three-storey house of unusual shape. The total area of ​​the museum displays more than 65 thousand square meters.

      The museum has three major exhibitions. The first tells the story of the evolution of dinosaurs and gives an overview of the life and development of the giants on the planet.

      The second part - is the restoration of dinosaur skeletons found in Dashanpu. Some of them are very well preserved. An interesting exhibit - completely preserved skeleton of a dinosaur that lived about 175 million years ago. Its growth exceeded 10 meters, and weight - 4 tons.

      The third exhibition is located directly on the spot finds of dinosaur bones. Here you can see how search works, and even touch the remains of ancient dinosaurs.

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