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    Beihai Park - Park North Lake

    • ChangQiao, China
    • Beihai Park - Park North Lake$$
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      Beihai Park - one of the oldest parks in Beijing. It is located in the city center and occupies 68 hectares. Almost half of the area of ​​the park - it Beihai Lake. No wonder this park is also called the North Lake. Conventionally, Beihai Park can be divided into four districts: Jade Island, Round City, the West Bank and the north shore.

      The huge and magnificent Beihai Park, located in the heart of Beijing, was the imperial garden during the reign of the Five Dynasties: with 916 years (Liao Dynasty) until the beginning of the 20th century (Qing Dynasty). There is a history of this park has more than a thousand years.

      The park - 68 hectares, with more than half of the territory is occupied by Lake Beihai, centered on the Jade Island. The water in the lake comes from the Hill jade crafts and Yongding River. The main facilities on the island - White Pagoda height 35.9 meters, built of white limestone. To it are numerous galleries and pavilions. In the park you can also see the Palace of Eternal Peace, the Palace of the Moon, Round Town, Five Dragon Pavilion, as well as the Temple of the Open Happiness and Little East Paradise.

      Beihai Park was first opened to the public in 1925, and in 1961 the Chinese government has adopted a park under its protection.

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