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    Market Kashgar

    • Kashi, China
    • Market Kashgar$$
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      In the Chinese city of Kashgar is one of the oldest and largest in the world of open-air markets, which attracts many tourists from around the world. And no wonder - because in the Middle Ages the city was a major trade center on the Great Silk path. Sunday market today - a place where you can buy anything your heart desires. Will you come back - and eyes run on the number of aircraft, the diversity of goods and colorful clothes visitor market. A lot of visitors here, because here come the day before 200 thousand people, so that suffer agoraphobia and ohlofobiey better not to come here.

      It is hard to imagine what could not buy here, because with a strong desire you can buy even a horse or donkey, well, souvenirs, pottery, clothing - that goes without saying. But for all the tired and hungry buyers strange Asian dishes local eatery improve their Sunday shopping.

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