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    Yu Garden

    • Huangpu Qu, China
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      Yu Garden, or "The Garden of Joy", located in the center of Shanghai and is one of its main attractions. Park was built in the 16th century during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. Construction began in the garden 1559g. and ended only 1577g.

      The park territory - 4 ha. It can be divided into seven zones: Hall Three ears of corn grains, Big Stone Garden; Pavilion frolicking Fish, House of Ten Thousand Flowers; Hall Spring Hall Nagy; Tower beautiful scenery; Pavilion for pronunciation toast; Pavilion Doctrine Nine Lions; Sleek Jade Stone, Inner Garden. Each part of the park is the architectural and natural features.

      Pleasing to the eye visitor picturesque artificial hills, stone buildings, bridges and arches bizarre rates on goldfish, unique species of plants and trees. In the park you can see the old plant - the magnolia, which 500 years.

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