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    Reservoir Ksinfengdzhang

    • Xinfengjiang, China
    • Reservoir Ksinfengdzhang$$
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      In the Chinese province of Guangdong is a huge reservoir Ksinfengdzhang. It was formed as a result of the construction of the dam, situated on the river Ksinfeng.

      Ksinfengdzhang is the largest reservoir in Guangdong, the area of ​​the position he is 370 square kilometers. Moreover, its maximum capacity is 13.98 cubic kilometers. First of all, it is known for its reservoir pure water is used for producing mineral water brand "NongFu". In order to preserve the purity of water in Ksinfengdzhang, the local government had to ban any industry in the region.

      Reservoir was created in July 1958, then went under flooding a large number of villages and farms. Finally, the construction of the dam was completed in 1969, and the area surrounding the pond was declared a national park.

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