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    The Forbidden City

    • Beijing, China
    • The Forbidden City$$
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      The Forbidden City is located in the heart of Beijing. Its extensive territory and include many buildings. This palace complex allows visitors to feel the history and culture of China, the typical architectural elements, colors, sculptures.    

      The Forbidden City was built according to the rules of science of Feng Shui: its entrance faces south, it is closed to the north mountains, and inside the river. All this contributes to the accumulation of energy that should have let the Chinese rulers better and more effectively manage the country. Also, for a long time in the Forbidden City was forbidden to enter all the common people. Is there could only ruling dynasty and their servants, eunuchs, concubines. However, not all adhere to the ban even under pain of death, a painful punishment. Simple people were interested to find out what is behind the ten-walled Forbidden City and many risked their lives.

      Visiting the Forbidden City, tourists can observe more than a million different sculptures and cultural values ​​of China. Get pleasure from the wonderful atmosphere, which is so far from the Western world.

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